Melbourne City Fan Representative Group Meeting 3/9/15

In Attendance:

Club Staff: Scott Munn, Sally Freedman, Luke Wyman, Melanie Price, David Harris, Nick Becker.

FRG Members: Bridget, Haydn, Anthony, Michael.


The evening began with a tour of the CFA, which was terrific, and as fanatics of the club we really appreciated the opportunity to experience a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the new facilities.


The meeting opened with Scott Munn thanking the FRG for their efforts to date. This was followed by introductions to the new / key Melbourne City staff.


Sally Freedman – Head of Fan Engagement

Sally has spent time in Brisbane and is originally from the UK. Sally grew up with the game and loves it, played it and has travelled as a fan to two world cups. Sally previously worked for AFC Asian Cup as Protocol Manager (VIP and VVIP management), but is very happy to now be working with fans.


Luke Wyman – Event Operations Manager

This is Luke’s third season with the club. Luke focuses on match day operations for the A league, W league and NYL. Luke is also responsible for the organisation and implementation of events such as Family Day and City Live.


Melanie Price – Fan Engagement Coordinator

This is Melanie’s fourth season with the club. Melanie assists with fan engagement and also runs the online merchandise platform alongside retail on match day.


David Harris – Cityzens Coordinator

David recently started at the club after winning the Mission Cityzen competition. He’s gone from being a fan to the other side of the fence and feels like he’s won the “golden ticket”.  David is responsible for the Cityzens rewards program as well as the new project “City Voice;” a digital platform empowering the fans to help shape the club. Football is his life and passion.


Nick Becker – Director of Marketing

Nick is originally from New Zealand and has recently relocated to Melbourne from the UK. Nick previously worked at Manchester City as Head of Events for four years and Arsenal before that. His mission is to keep fans at the forefront of all club activities.


Members of the FRG were then given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the new staff and discussed why they chose to be Melbourne City fans.


One member brought the good news of a second child on the way and therefore growing the Melbourne City membership base! It was also raised that the recent Membership day on radio station SEN 1116 for the club was a great way to raise the club’s profile. An interview with Harry Novillo was particularly entertaining, where we got an insight about his background, personality and ambitions going forward. It was suggested that such ‘structured’ interviews could be useful during player functions as a way to get to know our players better. The upcoming Family Day was mentioned as a good example of the club’s efforts to encourage fan engagement with players.


A couple of the group members were inquiring about the Melbourne City Women’s team, asking for details such as when the W-League fixture would be available. This has since been released and can be found on the Melbourne City website here.


As of writing this, the venue for home games will be the C.B Smith Reserve in Fawkner. On the 25th of October 2 pm there will be a “Broadcast” game against the Victory women at AAMI Park prior to the men’s side against the Mariners at 5 pm. We‘ve also found out that the club’s W-League and National Youth League games will be billed as double headers. With Melbourne City memberships also allowing you free entry to these games there’s even more incentive to join!


One of the FRG members made a great point that they became a fan as we had the “choice” between Melbourne clubs in the A-League. It was noted that the club has progressively grown and improved as a “female friendly” and “safe / fun” environment for families. There’s even a feel amongst FRG members from Australian Rules backgrounds that coming to a Melbourne City game in comparison is a more enjoyable and social experience.


Our club membership drive expectations were discussed. Presently, the club’s target is to match last season’s total by round 1.


In regards to away games – if fans make their own arrangements for travelling support events, the club is more than happy to promote the event on social media as well as share partners discounts.


The absence of a club mascot was once again brought up and we were informed that it’s been a work in progress over the last 6 months. What we can reveal is that there will be more than one mascot and rest assured it won’t be a clone of the Manchester City Aliens!


Marketing and promotion of the club this preseason is felt within the FRG to have taken a step toward greater professionalism. There was also a comment that the football department was making great decisions and tough calls with the playing list. This season’s playing group looks spot on with a healthy balance of youth and experienced but fit players. In fact, the club is starting to become really ambitious in its hunt for success! This is our City!


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