Melbourne City Fan Representative Group Meeting 29/10/15

In Attendance:

Club Staff: Sally Freedman, Luke Wyman, Melanie Price, David Harris, plus Scott Munn and

Nick Becker for the first 30 minutes of the meeting.

FRG Members: Bridget, Hayden, Tony, Michael, Steve, Chris, Steve.

  • The meeting commenced at 6.30pm and both Scott and Nick gave an update on Melbourne City before they had to leave to take part in a conference call with the City Football Group (CFG).
  • Scott welcomed all the attendees and hoped that we had enjoyed our tour of the CFA.
  • He commented that the club was ‘comfortable’ overall, with where we were at.
  • The club was ‘very excited’ with the launch and success of the Women’s Team.
  • Membership for this season was down on last year in volume – but there was a big push to encourage those who had yet to do so, to renew their membership.
  • The recent win over CCM would hopefully bring in new supporters.
  • The CFG were ‘disappointed’ with the loss in the FFA Cup semi-final.
  • The Derby result v Melbourne Victory was also regretted, although the club was happy to give the younger players a ‘run’ in the starting eleven.
  • The club was also looking to widen the representation in the FRG, particularly as regards gender balance.
  • Nick commented on the developments re: the match day experience and asked for feedback from the FRG and on any matters that fans were experiencing.
  • City Voice has been launched; future topics include goal celebrations song, catering, parking and mascots.
  • The Member-get-Member recruitment was a good channel for new members. New top prize announced as a trip to NY for 2.
  • Over 100 memberships were sold at our first home match; many members seem to prefer a face-to-face experience when renewing/joining.

Scott and Nick then had to leave the meeting and Sally introduced her agenda, staring with membership.

  • Membership was nearly 8,000 and there was a big push to build on this number.
  • A four match Christmas membership pack was a possibility.
  • Bridget asked if there could be a W-League only membership offer.
  • With regards to the FRG, the club was looking for three new members; applications had been received and a shortlist been made.
  • There could be further pre-meeting Tweets to canvas topics from the wider fan base for discussion at the FRG.
  • It would not be club policy to publish the FRG minutes on the club’s web-site, but the club was keen to continue to see the minutes published in the Forum and on a Blog. FRG members would remain ‘anonymous’ with only first names being used.
  • The club had sponsor obligations re. the kit and therefore it is not  always possible to wear the red and white strip in away games and is generally used when there is a clash with our home kit.

David talked about the Cityzens offering and the match day experience.

  • Cityzens were now getting points for their attendance at home games.
  • The free City Insider programme has been launched.
  • Members should be made aware of the easy steps re: sign up process for City Voice
  • The City Square pre-match events were aimed at families with young children. Luke discussed the match day experience and how the club was striving to improve it.
  • On screen information about substitutions; who has got yellow and red cards, etc.
  • Entertainment both outside pre-match and inside the stadium e.g. at half-time.

Melanie informed us about the club’s merchandising of ‘branded’ shirts, hats, scarfs, etc.

  • There are now 4 outlets on match days – two inside the stadium; two outside.
  • Sales were ‘very successful’ at the CCM game on the previous Sunday.
  • New Nike Polos and Hooded tops available for members along with a new women’s range. Junior replica jerseys are coming shortly.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm – the next monthly meeting is on 26/11/15 to be held at The Imperial Hotel in Bourke Street, from 6.00pm.

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