MCFC Fan Representative Group Update – September 2014

!Hola! (with a nod to David Villa) from the MCFC FRG for the upcoming 14/15 A-League Season!

The group met on Monday night (23/9/14) to discuss the upcoming season, the family day and other general matters that are on the minds and in the thoughts of our impressively growing support base. With membership numbers now exceeding 8000, it should be put on record that this a brilliant result and a genuine demonstration of the excitement building around Melbourne City, the A-League and the game in general.

Firstly, at our meeting, there was some talk about the family day. A great success, particularly for kids, and the supporters who attended were very grateful for the opportunity to speak with the players and club officials in a free and casual manner. With plenty of blue on show, some were disappointed that the official red & white away strip was not available on the day, but nevertheless, the home strip and other merchandise seemed to be selling like hotcakes.

On the colours, apart from the logo, it was tabled that at both the Ballarat game and on family day, players and staff were predominantly wearing sky blue, and hardly any red, with the club setup seeming a little like Sydney. Can we have more harmony between the old and new colours, eg. a choice of blue or red & white facepaint/balloons at games/events (not just blue)? Can the “Victory” navy blue stripe on the home shirt/membership card be red instead next season?

The FRG would love the club to give the supporters / members a chance to have a say on this.

In any event, there was still plenty of red and white on display from supporters, which will no doubt continue to be a feature in the stands on match day this season.

With regard to match day, supporters will soon become acquainted with the new active supporter group, the Melburnians. They have big shoes to fill, with Yarraside no more, but the FRG is sure the Melburnians will quickly develop into an integral part of the match day experience. A senior member of the Melburnians is on the FRG and he has indicated that he is hopefully that everyone in the stadium will join in with them singing So Happy Together, as well as other possible whole-of-crowd chants & songs, during the season.

With the other matchday songs (walkout, goal, etc) the club is working towards locking in some options, and the FRG understands that supporters will be given a chance to be part of the discussion in the coming days.

At our first ever home game the large home kit that supporters signed on family day will be unveiled by the club and will hung from the stadium rafters throughout the season.

The FRG is hopeful that our inaugural home game will be a celebration of our club (we have suggested an Etihad jet flyover!), whereby those who have been here in the past, and all our new supporters, can come together and start on a journey towards ongoing success that is built on respecting the game and playing attractive, exciting and winning football, whilst bringing families, friends and people together for love of the game.

The FRG also acknowledges that our away attendance for round 1 in Sydney will possibly set a club record, and that the Melbourne City FC should celebrate this, and assist supporters by putting things in place to enable fans to come together across the border, where hopefully we will get a win.

See you all in the stands! Our next meeting will be soon after our first home game and the club will canvass the membership base in the lead up to the meeting seeking questions and topics of interest for the FRG to discuss.

The Melbourne City FC FRG.

This update was provided to us by the Melbourne City FC FRG, we will continue to publish future updates from the group.