Melbourne City Fan Representative Group Meeting 25/02/16

Attendees: Bridget, Steve, Luke, Jordan, Haydn

Club staff: Scott Munn, Sally Freedman, Luke Wyman, Melanie Price, David Harris


Review of the FFA appeals process for banned fans

Scott stated that the FFA will publish a table of information that details prohibited items and actions at A-League games.  This will provide clarity around what actions would lead to what bans (for example, use of flares at A-League games will bring about a five year ban).

Then the appeals process, that the FFA recently finalised, was discussed. It was stated that if an individual committed an incident listed in the table of information, then a report will be completed by stadium security, the police and the A-League club for the FFA.

The next step is the FFA producing an intention to ban notice. The recipient will have an opportunity to make their case if they wish to contest the ban notice. The recipient will get 5 days to respond through the A-League club affiliated with the recipient. Some evidence will be available to the recipient of the ban notice, but not all evidence (for example, if the recipient also had criminal charges made against him or her, then evidence that is relevant to those charges won’t be made available).

It was noted that the onus would be on the individual to prove their case (for example, by showing that they didn’t attend the match and couldn’t have performed the actions they were accused of).

A ban or penalty is then issued. Although the new process allows for one further avenue for appeal for the recipient of a ban, namely an appeal to an independent committee named Football Independent Banning Appeals Committee (FIBAC).

To summarise, information will be published to remove uncertainty around what actions at football matches lead to bans. And now the recipient of an intention to ban notice will be able to view some evidence, and will have two avenues to appeal the FFA’s intention to ban.


Football update

The club is satisfied with the squad, and believes it has the potential to go all the way.

Over the next two weeks some announcements will be made regarding the squad and re-signings.

Some players who are out of contract at the end of the season will have the opportunity over the remainder of the season to show that they deserve to be re-signed.

Barring any big surprises (such as a serious injury), there will be no more new additions to the squad this season.


Harry Novillo

The club sanctioned Novillo with the maximum penalty available through FFA regulations.

Harry has started training with the squad again.


W-League grand final

The W-League Grand Final at AAMI Park was discussed. FRG members raised that they were very disappointed with the whole trophy presentation as it took place with the back of the stage facing the 4,000 strong crowd. The club acknowledged that they were also very disappointed and had provided relevant feedback to FFA.


Melbourne City’s W-League team

Melbourne City is taking a new and path-breaking approach to W-League squad building. Unlike the commonplace upheaval with W-League teams, Melbourne City will recontract a significant number of most of its W-League squad. And unlike normal W-League recruitment, Melbourne City will re-sign numerous players to long term, multi-year contracts.


Melbourne City memberships

The club has almost 9,400 members.

Starting the week after the FRG meeting, a new membership deal will be announced which will consist of one free game with the purchase of a three game membership.

After some internal club discussion exploring future opportunities for membership categories, it was announced at the meeting that General Admission (GA) memberships will continue next season.

Over the next few weeks more information will be published regarding next season’s memberships.

Prices for membership packs will be the same next season.


Bus to Adelaide

With a bus planned by supporters for Melbourne City’s away match against Adelaide, it was discussed that this travelling group needs to sell a further 16 tickets to make this trip happen. Tickets are $63 dollars return (not including match tickets or accommodation). Any interested individuals should contact the trip organisers.



The club is looking to create a points table on the Cityzens website to inform members of their Cityzens points.

A monthly Cityzens email will be sent to Cityzens soon, that will inform members of what they can claims with their Cityzens points.

It was discussed that users don’t always receive Cityzens points, especially with regards to Youtube, Twitter and Instagram matters. The club will look into these concerns to ensure that users receive all their Cityzens points.


City Voice

City Voice will be relaunched soon. It will be much more interactive, and will allow users to express their opinions and emotions more readily, in some ways that are similar to Facebook.


City Square

The growth of City Square has seen it become a pre-game fixture for many. The club can confirm that City Square is here to stay. City Square will start around 5:30pm before the next home match against Sydney FC.



The NPL teams will play at the La Trobe Lower Playing Fields for the rest of the current NPL season.

The club will try to provide more coverage and media of the NPL teams, but noted the constraints with the club’s media resources to provide more detailed coverage.



Some merchandise specials will be announced towards the back end of the season.

Bigger sizes and long sleeve merchandise were discussed.

The club is interested in supporters designed merchandise competitions, in particular with regards to T-shirts. However, due to concerns over sales such competitions are unlikely for the foreseeable future.