Melbourne City Fan Representative Group Meeting 28/08/17

In Attendance:

Club Staff: Luke Wyman, Scott Munn, Nick Becker, James Crouch (Retail), Travis Davidson (Membership)
FRG Members: Steve, Haydn, Michael, Glenn, Russell
Absent: Rodney, Matthew, Alice, Bridget, Natalie

The first FRG meeting of the season commenced with CEO Scott Munn introducing new members of both the FRG and Melbourne City staff as well as detailing the objectives of the group as being a two way sharing of information between club and fans.

At the time of the meeting Scott mentioned we had one foreign spot remaining to fill and that this would be a marquee. He also explained that due to work visas it was difficult to bring players. For example due to the relationship we had with Holland we could bring a Dutch player on a tourist visa and this can progress to a working visa, however as a point of comparison a Serbian player can’t come until the working visa is obtained. Therefore we‘re often linked to players but we can’t announce players until this is official otherwise we’d get in trouble with the visa people.

There are also two Australian spots left. Marcelo Carrusca is training with us for fitness but nothing is guaranteed and depends on the right deal. At time of the meeting the list was injury free (Bruno Fornaroli unfortunately injured himself the following night in the FFA Cup). Reports were that Fernando Brandan has worked hard and is ahead of schedule. Daniel Arzani has made the biggest leap to impress this preseason.

Warren Joyce has now settled in after initially having to adapt to our long preseason. He has managed to balance the requirements of shifting gears between a preseason and the FFA Cup. He has already stamped his “hands on managerial style” on and off the pitch. This includes spending extra time speaking with fans at sessions and events.

The Woman’s team start mid-September and while no names were revealed Scott said that the core playing group will be re-signed. There will be more double headers with the woman’s fixture to be released early September. Games will continue to be shared between CB Smith Reserve and AAMI Park.

Two boys teams will be added to the NPL next year bringing Melbourne City to a total of four teams in that competition going forward.

Nick then spoke about memberships where we’re at similar ground to this time last year with over 7 500 members. We have been working closely with our City Clubs for clinics and fan events as a response from fan feedback to engage more. We finished the 16/17 season with 13 078 members and are aiming for over 15 000 this season. This season’s membership campaign is “City to the core” with street posters and a digital campaign.

The recent kit launch and Stomping Ground Brewery events went down well. The club is hoping that the desire to do things for the fans has come across. We’re looking at holding a similar event at Stomping Ground, mid-week during the week after the round one game (Likely to be a Tuesday or Wednesday).

The club is working on ways to keep evolving the match day offerings. We’re working on licensing for a new pop up bar in partnership with Stomping Ground Brewery to be sold at Gosch’s Paddock prior to the game as well as Biggie Smalls, so we want fans to get on board!

James has joined the club recently and is in charge of merchandise. He mentioned that the fans have a chance to make their mark on the club with the recent competition to design a fans shirt.

For anything non Nike we are locked into licenses with Classic Sport who tend to cater for an NRL market, so we’re trying to change this up and customise for our fans. We have the same approach with the New Era caps, we’ll have say six hat designs for the season to choose from and this will include some limited editions to test the market. The idea is to offer street wear or designs you can wear outside of game day.

Official junior shirts will start at size six upwards. We are limited with each Nike license agreement to supply eight items per season and there are certain rules about what we can and can’t control. The club feels we have a good range and aim to have a point of difference that feels unique to city.

Membership packs have landed and will start to be sent out soon. For the very first time juniors will get a backpack with their memberships. A member of the Melburnians suggested a unique shirt or polo to be added to member packs next season. While this was considered a good idea Nick mentioned that we’re still restricted by official licences and that the quality of the product might suffer as a result so would rather have a good quality polo as official merchandise.

The club feel they have the perfect balance between home and away shirt designs this time around. Last season was polyester and before that was wool. You can still customise your membership photos however the suggestion was for members to get onto that ASAP.

The TV coverage was discussed with the new free-to-air deal showing one Saturday night game a week on one of the Network 10 channels as well as the usual Foxtel coverage. The W-League will also show one game a week on 10 and an extra game on either 10 or the ABC.

Finally it was also announced that Luke Wyman who has been with the staff in charge of match day is moving on to a new position with Formula 1. Both the club and the FRG wish him the best and thanked him for contributing.

The next meeting is to be scheduled prior to season 17/18 kick-off. If fans have any queries or items they’d like to raise please contact

Kind regards,